Heather Perrywinkle Smith was born and raised in the hills outside of Garberville, California. Her unconventional upbringing fostered a closeness with nature, a joy for exploring the magic of living and wondering what else is possible beyond what is being presented as normal and real.


Married since 2005.


This story started in a flash of inspiration...


I was on my way home from a life changing and uplifting trip to New Zealand. It was in the first few hours of the long flight home that I suddenly had a scenario run through my head. Vivid, clear and embodying more than just the images. It was a visceral, energetic scene unfolding in my minds eye. I thought to myself, "This would be a great story" and instead of letting it go at that, I actually wrote it all down. This became the opening scene to this book "The Pharaoh's Builders"!

Just as the first scene unfolded with a life of its own, so too did the rest of the book. I would write when it was easy, when it was fun and when it had that energy of the first moment of conception. 


The charactors or relationship between charactors and the events that were to unfold sometimes only in a few words, sometimes the entire scene, sometimes without words, just a sense of an energy not yet actualized. I played with it, I asked it to reveal what it would like to be. 


Having never written a novel before and having no

pre-conceived notion of the right or wrong way to procede I continued to follow whatever showed up, as the joy of it for me. I would write a few sentences on my iPhone, I would write for hours on my laptop, I would scribble notes on a napkin...this has been a playful creation that I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing!


Release date OCTOBER 7, 2015 on www. amazon.com