The Pharaoh's Movers

Book Two of The Pharaoh's Land Series

First draft SNEAK PEEK!!!!


The room was dark, but Maafah lay wide awake. He had been for several hours. He loved the predawn, filled with the intensity of silence as the God Anu reached down below the darkness of the horizon and lifted the sun, bringing forth Anu day. Maafah enjoyed the sense of the earth coming to life with the warming of sunlight. He liked the quiet intensity of everything shifting from resting to waking. Another day of possibility coming into existence.

He was excited. It was one of those unusual days in which he woke up knowing everything that was going to take place before it showed up. He knew everything that is going to happen today up to a little after nightfall. The nuances of it were incredible. The knowing filled all of his senses. Sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and the inexplicable senses of knowing flooded him with what was going to unfold. It was a life altering day in which the course of many lives would change and some would end.

The energies had a sense of foreboding, not for him but the palace city, it reeked of danger and he might be the only one, besides the perpetrators, who know what was about to happen.

He also knew his presence would make a difference. His presence would shift the energies of what was to transpire.  He was tipping the motion of creation to go in the direction he desired. It also matched his awareness of all the energies of expansion and contribution that would allow for living to become greater. For the consciousness of oneness to become a stronger presence in Pharaoh's Land. What was truly exciting for him is the sense of how this also matched the energies that the beginnings of this pyramid exude. The humming, tickling joyousness that was building with intensity, as each stone was placed.

Of all the things he had experienced in his life up to this point, now was the most exciting time to be alive, that he had known. 

Six hundred and nineteen annual cycles of the sun he had walked the earth. It always came to this; he did not have the will to die. Always there was something more to know, to do, to become, to see, to create...always there was more possible. His insatiable curiosity to discover what that "more" might be kept him going when he had no reason to continue on. Indefinite living, it was an odd way to function, but one that Maafah had yet to grow tired of. 

Seeing reality through other people's eyes was one of the gifts of living so long that still surprised him. Somehow he had no judgment, he never had. Because of this, he found he could be aware of another person's entire reality, simply by the curiosity of wondering from what perspective they lived their life. He could look at someone and know everything about them, their entire inner world was revealed in a moment of being present with the entirety of their being. ...with all of the being they truly are. 

He could know what a person will choose before they choose it. He could know their true desires, and what they would act upon, and what they would never choose. Not by the so called “vision” some claim to have, but by awareness. By the truth that the energies of oneness, that make up all creation, reveal. By perception of the energies unfiltered by the bias of judgment, everything and anything can be known. This was the gift of awareness that oneness brought. 

Additionally this capacity is literal and he can see what another sees in front of them with their eyes, as though they are his eyes. 

The vivid details of awareness share in colors, sensations and nuances of the thoughts, feelings and emotion of each person present, are all heightened in Maafah's senses. At the same time moments are stretched out into slow motion of revelation; as what he already knew would occur, reveals itself. He is both lead by his awareness and contributes to the creation of this unfolding of events; to give his energies to that which would create this moment turning out better than could be imagined. 

The tug that pulled him here this afternoon unfolds before him in a barrage of awareness. He looks through the eyes of the crowd, jumping from one person to another, that he may see what they see; though he is several ally ways from the Pharaoh's Market. He looks through other’s eyes to see the wife-of-pharaoh, Ra-Maharet. She looks up to see her brother hidden on the rooftop above. Jumping to his eyes who see Ra-Milania a bit behind Ra-Maharet, and the blow gun in his lips. He also senses Bilal, though Mafaah does not see him through the bother of Ra-Maharet. He has never met Bilal, but with the depth of awareness and oneness Maafah functions as, he does not have to meet him to know him. Bilal’s energy is part of the oneness of awareness available to Mafaah, and he has seen Bilal by Ra-Milania’s side, as her guard.
Maafah knows that Bilal will die to keep Ra-Milania safe. Maafah conveys all the energies of awareness to Bilal who has already leapt into action. Without thought and without Bilal’s cognitive awareness, they both together alter the molecules of the moment, moving the trajectory of the darts now let loose from the assailant on the rooftop, and holding Ra-Milania out of the way. 

That taken care of, Maafah notices as the attacker moves away, headed across the roof top in the direction of the palace. Maafah’s attention melds into awareness of the six men in the crowd. They are both the decoy and cover up for Ra-Maharet’s moving one step closer to taking the Seat-of-Pharaoh by force of death of her daughter. He can hear their thoughts of reward for their actions of malicious intent.

Bilal is swift, he already has Ra-Milania in his arms and is pushing his way through the attacking men. He does not fail to notice that everything seems to be moving in slow motion, and none of the men are able to touch him. He can sense additional energies available to him creating all of these men as ineffectual. Mila’s energies surge like a wave of heat Bilal senses in his body, as he holds her tight to him. Her small arms are flung around his neck and holding tight, her head buried against him. Yet people are beginning to freeze in their steps, if they had been moving toward the two of them; the unmistakable capacities of Mila in action.

He could hear the loud sounds of hoofs striking the cobblestone of the Pharaoh’s Market alleys. Without seeing her, he knew it was Mila’s trusted mare Sehket. The black beauty who would do anything asked of her, as long as it was Mila doing the asking. Bilal could not begin to surmise how Sehket is here, in this very moment, racing towards them and without rider. It is as though she is there as part of the rescue. In the total trust of being, oneness and presence that they all embody; at this moment, without hesitation, Bilal scabbard’s his sword, cups Mila’s feet in him hands, and gives her a mighty shove high into the air. 

Without hesitation on her part, Mila lets go of Bilal, spreading her arms wide and eyes open, launches into the air; her feet sailing up over hear head as she flips over backwards and upside down. Spotting Sehket while she is upside down in the air, she sees with just a slight twist of her body she will continue to turn over, landing perfectly square on Sekhet’s back. Her heart swells with gratitude and joy at the miracle of this moment. Expanding her senses more, she lands, her feet slowing her landing as they slide down either side of Sehket as she takes a handful of mane. Sehket, feeling her grip, increases her speed to carry Ra-Milania away from danger.

Bilal stood to watch as little Ra-Milania raced down the alleyway upon Sekhet’s back. He waited until he could see Missrah up ahead, who dropped down on Sehket’s back behind Mila. In the previous moments he could hear Missrah speaking to him in his mind, where he was. Knowing Missrah was with her, Bilal turned to go back to the scene of the attack. He was hoping to catch sight of the perpetrator that just tried to take Ra-Milania’s life. 

He pushed his way back to the site where bodies now lay.  He knew it was none of the six men dead on the ground, they were but a distraction to the real danger that came from above. As Bilal returns he notices one of the Movers there in the crowd. It is the one with white hair. He looks directly at Bilal and points to the rooftops in the direction of the man he seeks. It is as though he knows Bilal’s thoughts and is replying to his unasked question. Bilal can see a way to climb up and he nods his head in thanks to the Mover Maafah. 

Bilal hears Maafah in his mind reply, “You are most welcome. I am here for you.”
Bilal has never heard someone say such a thing, yet he can sense the truth of the words, even from this man who is a stranger to him. He wonders who he is.

Decisive in his action, Bilal moves quickly lifting himself with speed and grace to the rooftop. His heart is still pounding with the intensity of Ra-Milania narrowly escaping death in only the last few moments. He is determined to find the perpetrator.
Upon the low roof tops of the market he sees no one. Looking in every direction, there is no movement. He expands his senses, seeking a hint of the energies of the would-be assassin. He is pulled toward the palace, so he heads in that direction. The attack was not far from the edge of the market towards the palace anyway, it did not take him long to get to the last building before it opens up into the expanse of causeway. Searching the crowds, he sees nothing that stands out or catches his attention. 

There are some guards from outside the palace headed towards the sound of shouting from the attack, they are almost at the edge of the market now. He looks down to the ground and notices a pile of black fabric. Finding a way to lower himself to the ground, he picks up the clothing item. It is big enough to have been a cloak worn by the assailant. He wads it up and puts it under his arm to take with him. Searching the crowd more, for any sign of someone out of place, he still sees nothing. He meets the additional guard who have just arrived; telling them quickly and briefly what happened, to secure the bodies of the dead attackers, and bring them to the guard house below the palace. He also asks them to escort Ra-Maharet back to the palace. 

Rather than push his way through the crowd, he will go back to the alley with the hidden pillars of the Pathway, and directly into Pharaoh’s chambers. 

In a blink he is in Pharaoh’s chambers, but no one is there. 

Expanding to sense where Pharaoh-Ra is, he knows to go back through the hidden pillars into the great hall side room where they first met. Stepping out he hears shouting and the hustle of guards and servants. He sees Pharaoh speaking with Amenoch, head of the palace guard, and descends the few stairs to them.

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