Other Books by Heather


The Energy of Expansion is a compilation of 21 

contributing authors that is all about the adventure and possibility of expanding your life, by being who you are already. What if you have the capacity to change, inprove, enjoy and create your life? Inspiring stories, tools and insight.


The Energy of Healing has 20 contributing authors, who each wrote a chapter on healing. This is a really magical and dear to my heart topic that changed my life. What if there is no such thing as "impossible to heal" or "uncurable"? In my chapter I share part of my journey of healing myself of Asthma. It was not ever what I thought it would be to get there...and yet I no longer have Asthma. What could you heal and change if you were willing to go on the journey of discovering what it takes for you personally? 

Creations: Conscious Firtility, Conceptions, Pregnancy and Birth is a beautiful compilation of 15 authors. The chapter I contributed is actually about the conscious choice to not have children. Where ever you find yourself in the area of having children or not, you will find inspiring, empowering and beautifully moving stories and insights.

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