Praise for The Pharaoh's Builders

"Good book! You engage instantly and move along very nice."


                                                               - Gary M. Douglas


Heather I was in Paris when the attacks happened and I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't had your book - it kept me aware that I was choosing something different even in the midst of horror - so grateful for you! 

                                                                                                          - Sophie Robert Mihalko

"I have read a lot of fantasy books in my day, and so far this is the best one I have ever read!"

                                                                                                                                    -Bret Rushia

"Have you ever read or heard a story that rang so true it lit up your world? Welcome to the magic of Heather Perrywinkle Smith’s new book. She weaves every word with the energy that brings it all to present time and leaves you desiring more, page after page. Enjoy the mystery, magic and adventure!!!"

- Sylvia Puentes


I had the gift of having the first few chapters of "The Pharaoh's Builders" read to me by the author herself. I was immediately captivated - swept up into this other time, this other reality, that felt so palpable. I wanted to know more about the characters, the storyline; the more I heard the more enthralled I became. The energy of the story moved through me, opening up other doorways, inviting me to access other possibilities in my own life. This book has a secret power to bring the “other worldly magic” into your own life! Thank you, Heather, for bringing forth this book for all of us to read!


                                                                   -Megan Walrod

                                                                   Author | Book & Business Coach

Heather Smith has written an intriguing, thought evoking, evocative, inspiring novel, The Pharaoh's Builders. I've had the pleasure of reading part of this novel and I am totally captivated. I can hardly wait to read it in totality! This is not just a novel but an activation and recall of the magic and possibility I knew existed once up on a time, and a call to reawaken. 

                                                                                           - Melanie Clampit

                                                                                           Author | Coach

Pharaohs Builders is a captivating novel with a story that inspires the reader to awaken to the magic within. As soon as I started reading I was instantly pulled in and I had to keep going…
                                                                                         -Anu Shi Asta

                                                                                         Host of Heaven on Earth